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Credit Repair Systems, Inc. is a Miami-based credit repair company with over 20 years of experience helping people from all financial backgrounds improve credit scores by combining the traditional disputing process to help eliminate inaccurate, unverifiable, outdated information, including not limited to late payments, collections, repossession, a bankruptcy on your credit report. Our credit repair experts have many years of experience in improving credit scores by providing a personalized monthly review of the 3 major credit bureau activities with recommendations on restoring your existing credit or re-establish new credit. Our credit repair program is a proven method for cleaning, obtaining higher credit scores, and education.

Credit Repair Systems was established.

21 years later we are still committed to improving the lives of families.


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We take care of your process in a personalized way, we are interested in helping you to appeal the credit decisions that do not allow you to achieve your dreams.


Our experience of more than a decade certifies us as experts in credit repair.


We guarantee that we can help you repair your credit score, it is not magic, so if we see that it is not possible we will tell you.


We know the American credit system, the laws, and the way banking agents operate, which allows us to know how to operate in each case.


Our service is not fast, it is nothing overnight, we take care of your process for several months.

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