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About Us

Who We Are


Credit Repair Systems, Inc. is a Miami based credit repair company that helps people from all financial backgrounds improve credit scores by disputing inaccurate information on your credit report. Our credit repair experts have many years of experience in improving credit scores. Our credit report repair process is a proven method for cleaning and removing inaccurate information such as late car payments, collection accounts, late mortgage payments even, extreme cases such as foreclosure. Contact one of our Miami credit repair experts to learn how you too can experience the benefits of our proven credit repair services.

Our History



Credit Repair Systems was established.


13 years later we are still committed to improving the lives of families...

Our Team of Professionals



Our program is only 10 months long!


Most of our clients will begin seeing positive results within 45 days after we receive the Credit Reports. Obviously, every situation is completely different; but on average, most of our clients have obtained the desired results by the 10th month.


There is no limit to what kind of items we dispute and delete or on how many items we dispute and delete.

Legality of the Process

It is because it is legal that we are able to do what we do. We use the laws that protect you, the consumer, and that regulates the Credit Bureaus and the companies that furnish information to them to accomplish our work. You are given certain rights under the FCRA and we offer our experience and expertise and services to help you assert these rights: