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Deleting Bad Credit

Can bad credit be deleted?

The simple fact is that questionable credit listings are deleted from credit reports by the thousands each and every day. The proof is very compelling: The efforts of Credit Repair Systems, Inc. have successfully resulted in many hundreds of questionable credit listings being deleted.

As a Credit Repair Systems, Inc. client, you too may see for yourself that your good credit rating can be restored. Indeed, you can restore a questionable credit profile in much less time than seven years. It's not necessarily easy or foolproof, but the right to challenge and improve your credit is yours. Contact us today to speak with a credit repair expert to evaluate your case.

Bankruptcies / Foreclosures

Are items such as bankruptcies and foreclosures impossible to remove?

There is not one type of questionable listing that cannot be removed from a credit report if it is inaccurate, untimely, or unverifiable. While negative items such as bankruptcy or unpaid debts are certainly more difficult to remove from the credit report, this has more to do with the operational systems of the credit bureaus than with the severity of the bad credit item. For example, judgments and tax liens are severely negative listings yet if inaccurately reported they can be removed.